1Network Infrastructure
Advanced telecommunications infrastructure becomes one of the important prerequisite for company operation. State-of-the-art IT solutions contribute to the emergence of an environment comfortable for collaboration, allowing users to get all the information they need for work and share it with each other even under conditions of spatial distribution.

CBS offers the following communication and collaboration tools:
  • implementation of corporate IP-telephony;
  • development of videoconferencing systems;
  • multimedia teleconference;
  • unified communications.
2Server systems and data storage systems
Modern information systems are rapidly developing. New IT performance measures assert a higher service delivery rate and an increase in service quality at a lower cost. Servers and system software constitute robust foundation for the company’s infrastructure.

They aid companies to respond rapidly to changes, reduce business risks and provide for a higher service level, while respecting the cost-effectiveness.
3Data backup systems
Corporate Business Systemsholds a number of mandatory events when developing backup systems for its customers:

  • Company requirements estimate;
  • Scaling impact analysis;
  • Capturing recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO);
  • Data recovery sequence (RCO) priority assignment;
  • Choice of security method and configuration.

As a result, CBS customers receive the best and efficient data storage system that incorporates necessary backup system structure in line with all the requirements of the company.
4Engineering infrastructure of data centers
Corporate Business Systems Corporate Business Systems employs highly qualified experts in the field of Data Processing Centers architecture and development.

Our experts are Uptime Institute certified (The Global Data Center Authority) and have a sufficient competence in DPC concept development of any TIER, including engineering infrastructure, technical support and fault-tolerant operation.

​ Ranging from small server rooms architecture to complex engineering systems and innovative solutions that ensure efficient operation and security of the Data Storage and Processing Center.

CBS offers

  • solutions from the leading mobile data centers manufacturers. Business dynamics require IT infrastructure mobility. This is precisely why mobile data centers gain traction— comprehensive solutions that combine IT equipment, telecommunications and engineering infrastructure in one package.
  • Turnkey solution for the data center infrastructure ensuring all IT systems smooth operation: from special rooms equipment to complex engineering systems installation that ensure efficient and safe data center operation.
5Date security
We offer effective solutions in the field of data security:

  • Data Security Management Systems
  • DS event management systems
  • DS basic systems (firewalls, VPN, IPS)
  • Internet access protection
  • DS analytic systems
  • DS systems compliant with regulatory requirements
6Business processes automation systems
Corporate Business Systems - is a system integrator that develops integrated solutions for company’s business processes automation to manage production and business workflow in efficient fashion.

Systems architecting – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Data conversion, security and guaranteed message delivery. Single point access to all services (ESB).

We will ensure seamless operation of the disconnected information systems.

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